Would you recommend xhtmlized.com to another company/department and how high would you rate that on a 1–10 point scale?

"Yes, we would recommend this company again with an 8 out of 10... with a significant rise in online renewals and a huge decrease in issues raised by nurses. Well done to Tung and team."
Nigel Fidgeon, CEO – Nurses Board of Victoria

"Absolutely, 10/10"
Robert Gallup, Marketing Manager – www.lma.biz

"Fitnation rates xhtmlized.com as 10 out of 10 in web development. The new website also saves Fitnation a lot of time and money. Thanks for doing such a great job!! "
Kim Trevaskis, Project Coordinator – www.fitnation.com.au

"Tung was able to design, build and test to best standards and practices, in an efficient manner which really helped the workflow and ease some of the pressure for our creative production team. He was able to quickly get up to speed with our internal processes as well as integrate himself with our team well due to a shared strong work ethic and humour.

I would recommend Tung for expertise in front-end development and the flexibility to also design for digital and print, a valuable contribution to any studio.
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value " via LinkedIn
Jeff Bartholomeusz, Creative Director, Village Roadshow Limited

"Tung is a great all–rounder and learned quickly on the job. His HTML and CSS skills were of great help in the studio, and his positive attitude was always appreciated.
I wouldn't hesitate to hire Tung again, or recommend him for Front–end development roles." via LinkedIn
Tim O'Neill, Owner, Reactive